How We Begin

We recognize that building and managing a new business or expanding an existing market requires a significant investment of your time, energy, and financial resources. For these reasons, we will provide you with a dedicated project manager that is adept at orchestrating the process of taking your vision to reality.


We offer all the resources to complete the cycle from conceptual design, to final design, to fabrication, to a well-managed rollout.

Conceptual Design

During the conceptual design phase of custom carts, kiosks, retail merchandising units (RMUs), merchandisers, and mobile vending units; we study and understand your vision, your functional and aesthetic requirements, and your budgetary and schedule objectives. Conceptual renderings, equipment layouts, and preliminary drawings are prepared during conceptual design.

Final Design

During the final design of a C&K cart, kiosk, RMU, merchandiser or mobile vending unit we create three-dimensional CAD drawings depicting your functional and aesthetic requirements. Value engineering and producibility issues are studied. Final measurements, colours, materials, equipment, and service requirements are called out.

Fabrication & Installation

In this phase we complete the fabrication drawings, order and procure the materials and equipment, schedule factory resources, and complete the assembly and systems integration. Following which the shipping and installation process takes place wherein our C&K installers travel to your site and set up the complete units.


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